CPAP Success was founded to help increase awareness of sleep apnea and improve the treatment of this disorder. Like most things in life, treating sleep apnea is not easy.  One of the best ways to succeed in sleep apnea treatment is to have the necessary information, support, and proper tools to accomplish your goals. Our mission is to help provide these crucial elements to help you thrive.

Your physicians, our company and this web site are just a few resources for you to obtain information about sleep apnea.  It is likely that you know others with sleep apnea, many of whom are unaware that they have this condition. You should understand what sleep apnea is, how it is diagnosed, and what your treatment options are. It is important that you understand how sleep apnea can affect your life now, and in the future.

Since living with sleep apnea affects not only you, but others around you, good support can be invaluable. This is the foundation of the care we provide. We understand that it has taken time to obtain your CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) prescription, and that you wish to begin treatment as soon as possible.  We start working with you as soon as we receive your phone call.  The first step is a one-on-one meeting to learn more about sleep apnea and CPAP. Since mask fit is one of the most critical aspects for succeeding with CPAP, we focus on proper fitting during your initial visit. During this process, you are provided ample time to trial a variety of masks ensuring that you are provided the equipment that best suits you. This is done in the context of an actual sleeping environment, as this significantly affects how a mask performs. We provide advice regarding which CPAP equipment features are important and those that are not.

Success with CPAP is significantly affected by your experiences during the first month, and first week in particular.  We will contact you the day after your initial visit, and regularly throughout this period, to help you with any problems that may arise.  We will stay in touch with you to make sure that your continuing education and equipment needs are met. We regularly communicate with your physician rather than asking you to do this.  This helps minimize treatment delays and problems.

Our support also extends to members of your family.  We understand how sleep apnea can affect others around you and can help with issues related to this. This is just one of the reasons we support the East Bay A.W.A.K.E. Group. This is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to provide ongoing support and education to members of the sleep apnea community.

The proper tools can make any job easier.  Treating sleep apnea is no different. We focus on providing you with the best mask and CPAP/BiPAP device that meets your needs. The basic equipment sometimes provided to people can lead to higher treatment failure rates. There are many makes and models for these devices, and we believe in offering people a variety of options. In addition, we use data cards to monitor treatment effectiveness and as a tool to increase success rates.

CPAP Success believes it is equally important to know how to use the right tools.  As sleep specialists, we recognize the benefit of integrating the latest sleep apnea research and developments into your care.  We strive to improve the care provided to those with sleep apnea.  Your health is priceless, and we want you to succeed.

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