About Us

Our mission at CPAP Success is to help individuals with sleep apnea succeed with treatment. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to provide quality education, premium equipment and high levels of support. Our company was founded due to frustration with the current level of care provided in the community for this serious condition. We focus only on sleep apnea, which we believe enables us to provide better health care.  CPAP Success further demonstrates its commitment with active involvement in free community programs to assist individuals with sleep apnea.

Company Founder

Stephanie Gersten, R.N.

Stephanie received a B.S. in psychology from Reed College. She went on to obtain her B.S.N. nursing degree from Seattle University. Stephanie has years of experience providing care and education to patients and families as a intensive care unit nurse.  She has pursued additional training and education in sleep disorders, in order to raise the level of care provided to people with sleep apnea.   She has gained unique insights into the problems associated with sleep apnea through living with a spouse with this disorder who is also a board certified sleep physician.

As a result of her personal and clinical experiences, Stephanie realizes how important it is to personalize the treatment of sleep apnea. She has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed with the treatment you select.


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